Sluts'n'strings & 909 - summerbreeze

In times when labels and artists come and go at breathtaking speed, Mr Blome’s Sender Records shines more than ever like a fixed star on the strobe-lit firmament of the worldwide club skies. Sender stands for consistency with musical class outside of mass-compatible batch products. Every single back-catalogue release speaks the language of a tribe of artists who stand above trends and the hyper-accelerated flood of releases, where the musical statement and artistic attitude are more important than personality cult and self-congratulation. Because, after 13 years of consistent innovative output, more than 90 releases and the birth of House-playground Senzen, in all modesty, there can be a little re:flection. Now you can treat yourself with the concept series re:sender, which puts the most concise cornerstones of our history through remixes in a contemporary context. We let go of these reinterpreted gems onto the dancefloors of our universe. The worthy remixers of the Sender classics represented on re:sender Volume #1 are Kotelett & Zadak (for Baby Ford’s Minimal Man-Project „Plastic Smile“), Ada (for Metope’s „Second Skin“), John Spring (for „Summerbreeze“ from Sluts’n’Strings & 909, the Viennese Project by Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan) as well as Someone Else (for Misc.’s „People Won’t Blame“ Track, that was released on the record-selling „Rocket Sakting Ep“). Sender is proud to present these re:interpretations digitally as well as on vinyl. RECLAIM THE ANTENNA!

Sluts'n'Strings & 909 - SummerbreezeSluts'n'Strings & 909 - SummerbreezeSluts'n'Strings & 909 - SummerbreezeSluts'n'Strings & 909 - Summerbreeze